It all begins with Purity

It was over 60 years ago in South Africa when a baby's cry for solid food meant either another bottle - or a wait. Unless a mother had prepared mashed or puréed food beforehand and stored it in the refrigerator, there was nothing solid at hand to heat up.

It was this problem that vexed Capetonian Don Thompson. He had a wide knowledge of the food canning industry and was aware of not only the convenience of tinned foods, but their nutritional value too. Why couldn't babies have the same? With his wife, Ruth, a dietician, and a cousin, Helen, a chemist, the family formulated tinned foods suitable for babies. Purity baby food was born!

The result was 10 varieties which were launched from a factory in what was Cape Town's colourful District Six. Each tin was called "Purity" denoting the pureness of the product. The labels featured the cherubic face of a baby. The days of making mashed or puréed vegetables were over.

In 1965 the Purity Baby food brand began producing the first South African jarred baby food in their factory in Ndabeni, Cape Town. The production of baby food was now fully automated. The factory still operates today.

Over the years, Purity grew from producing only 10 varieties of canned food to producing a comprehensive range including jars, cereals, hot porridges, juices & teas, teething biscuits, milkshake powders and snacks all specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of babies and toddlers. To date Purity has over 160 variants across the range and innovation continues to grow the choices offered to moms and their babies.

In 2009 Purity merged with Elizabeth Anne’s toiletries to become Mom’s perfect partner in motherhood. These two trusted brands combined their knowledge and expertise ensuring that babies and toddlers got the best possible care.

The Elizabeth Anne's brand has been around since 1963, advocating 'love and care', and providing baby toiletries of excellent quality. It all started with a chemist who used to make a Baby Shampoo for his special clients, and the story goes that he named the brand after his own daughter. The demand eventually became too much for him to cope with on his own and he sold the brand. The existing Special Shampoo is still based on his original formula.

Over the past years, the brand has expanded to become the extensive range that now exists. Most recently we have taken note of mom's needs and have redesigned our packaging making it convenient and practical as well as adding a Laundry Wash and Disinfecting Fluid.