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There are times when your little one requires additional supplementation. This can be as a result of illness (colds, stomach upsets and sleepless nights from teething) or just because they are picky eaters. Supplementing their diets with Purity Pedia Kids range of Vitamins & Minerals products, endorsed by expert medical specialists is easy.

Purity Pedia Kids Vita Pops

These are great tasting Vitamin enriched lollypops for children 2 years and older.

Purity Pedia Kids Vita pops contains:
Vitamin A which is essential for normal growth in children, good vision as well as healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E for prevention of damage to red blood cells and other cells. Vitamin C which is needed for healthy tissues and for Iron metabolism Vitamin B6 which helps maintain a healthy blood and nervous system as well as helps the body absorb proteins. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid help prevent certain types of anaemia and are essential for proper growth in children.

Purity Pedia Kids Vita Pops are available in assorted orange, apple and cherry flavours. These tempting and tasty lollypops will encourage even the fussiest toddler to take their vitamins

Purity Pedia Kids Vita Pops