How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby’s skin is the essential shield that offers protection from the outside world. However, it is much thinner than adult skin, and requires a higher level of care, hydration and moisturising to keep it healthy and soft. With a little guidance, taking care of your baby’s skin and body will come naturally.

Keep skin clean and dry
Bath time is a special bonding experience, but it’s also important not to overdo it. Bathing too frequently can dry out baby’s sensitive skin and strip it of its essential oils. Use a gentle cleanser like PURITY® & Elizabeth Anne’s Moisturising Wash & Shampoo. Don’t forget to wash in between all the skin folds and dry well to prevent chafing.

Moisturise daily
It’s essential to keep your baby’s delicate skin well-moisturised and protected. Apply a cream like PURITY® & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Cream or Aqueous Lotion after bath time, and often during the day.

Change nappies regularly
Keep your baby’s nappy area as clean as possible by changing nappies regularly. Apply a cream such as PURITY® & Elizabeth Anne’s Aqueous Cream to protect your baby’s skin from wetness.

Protect against the sun
Sunscreen isn’t just for a day out at the beach! Apply it to your baby whenever they’re exposed to the sun, even if it’s a walk out in the pram.

Clear a stuffy nose
Get a saline spray, which is perfectly safe to use with babies.Lay your baby down on their back and, if possible, slightly tilt their head back. Spray 2 to 3 drops of saline spray into each nostril. If your baby sneezes, it means some of it has made its way into the nasal passage.

You can also use a bulb syringe, made especially for baby’s tiny nostrils. Lay your baby down and squeeze the bulb to get all the air out. While still squeezing, gently insert the tip into your baby’s nostril, being careful not to stick it up too far. Release the pressure, pull it out, and squeeze the mucous out of the bulb and onto a tissue. Repeat with the other nostril, and clean the syringe thoroughly.

Another way to clear mucus out of your baby’s nasal passages is by tickling them under their noses with a piece of cotton wool to encourage them to sneeze.

Cut nails carefully
The best time to cut your baby’s nails is when they’re sleeping or after a bath. Make sure you have enough light to see what you’re doing, and use a pair of nail scissors or clippers made specifically for small nails. If your baby is awake while you’re trimming and is a little wriggly, ask someone to hold their hand still as you cut.

Press the finger pad away from the nail to prevent nicking the skin, and hold your baby’s hand firm as you clip. Cut the fingernails along the curve of the finger. Cut toenails straight across, and use a nail file if necessary.