Newborn Sleep Patterns

Getting your newborn to sleep at regular hours can be one of the most baffling issues of new parenthood. Your newborn will probably sleep about 17 hours a day, but their tiny tummy will keep them from sleeping more than a few hours at a time before they wake up to feed. This baby sleep pattern will change over the next few months as your baby starts to sleep for longer periods during the night, and spend more time alert and awake in the day. By 6 months, some babies are able to sleep for a stretch of 8 hours during the night. If so, you are a lucky mom!

What position is best for my newborn?
Placing babies on their back is the safest sleep position. When putting your newborn in the cot to sleep, always remove pillows and stuffed toys as these are suffocation hazards. Some young babies enjoy being swaddled, or wrapped tightly in a blanket, because it is similar to being in the womb. This may calm your baby, but if they wriggle and struggle it means they prefer their arms and legs free.

Where should my baby sleep?
Having baby in a cot right next to the bed is usually easiest. It means you will wake at the first murmur and not allow your baby to work themselves into a screaming frenzy before you get to their room. Breastfeeding moms can simply feed baby and slip them back into their cot. As they get older, you can sometimes settle them just with a few words and a stroke on the back before they’ve woken fully.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep at night?
To help establish good newborn sleep patterns, interact as much as you can with them during the day, keep the house bright and don’t worry about normal household noises like the radio and washing machine. Watch for signs that your little one is becoming tired, and then put them down for a nap.  Keep night time calmer and quieter, with low lights and a lullaby or bedtime story. Try using the PURITY & Elizabeth Anne’s Good Nights Range at bathtime, with calming ingredients such as chamomile and lavender, to help soothe your little one. When your baby wakes at night, just feed, change and soothe back to sleep. They will eventually work out that night time is for sleeping.

And lastly, when your little one is finally asleep, safe and sound, relax and enjoy! There is nothing more beautiful than your own contented, sleeping baby.