Vaccination and Weigh in Calendar for your Pre-Schooler

As your toddler grows and becomes a preschooler, they are developing in many different ways. As moms, we want to keep our kids healthy and do the best we can to help our kids along in every aspect of their lives to be the best they can be. One way to keep our kids healthy is by continuing to take them for their weigh ins and for their seasonal and annual vaccinations from baby, to toddler, until preschoolers.

Download your very own vaccination calendar by clicking on the ‘download’ link below to keep track of your child’s vaccination shots.

Download here

Purity® moms, it is important that your pre-schoolers keep up to date with their vaccinations and boosters as they are hugely important. If you are concerned about your little one’s growth patterns, do make an appointment with your pediatrician / general practitioner or your local clinic as soon as possible.