Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to baby shower gifts, some are more appreciated than others. Whether they are practical, personal, or just plain pampering, here’s a list of gift items for mothers-to-be to swoon over.

  1. Baby hampers – PURITY® & Elizabeth Anne’s Care Range hampers contain all the essentials mothers-to-be need as soon as baby arrives (as well as a few items to spoil herself).
  1. Light it up – Normal room lights are too bright for mom and the baby, especially during night-time feeds. Pretty night lights are the perfect gift for moms who haven’t had the time or energy to think this far.
  1. Hand-me-down – If you’re a close relative of the mom-to-be, passing on memorabilia such as baby shoes, baby blankets, baby equipment or anything previously owned by a loved one will make for an ‘aww’ gift moment.
  1. Gift cards or handmade vouchers – This may sound impersonal, but they’re always needed and appreciated. To make them more personal, get creative: You could let the mom ‘cash in’ a house-cleaning session, a date night where you offer your time to babysit, or a spa day.
  1. Memoirs and mementos – Moms love saving baby items. Gift them with a box, a journal and scrapbook so they can document all the milestones their babies will experience.
  1. Meals on wheels – Gift a handmade voucher for a week’s worth of meals after baby is born. These homemade meals will give them the much needed nutritional value and emotional comfort they need to stay strong during those sleepless nights.
  1. Baby library – Buying baby books in volumes will build up baby’s first library and give moms unlimited stories to read at bedtime.
  1. Personalise it – Embroider the name of the newborn onto their pillows or blankets.
  1. Little fashionista – Babies live in jumpers and onesies, so the new mom-to-be will probably opt for practical items. Add a little spice by buying items with cute statements on them.
  1. Receiving blankets – This may seem like an easy pick, but soft, beautiful receiving blankets that are easy to swaddle baby in are baby shower gold.