Choosing Baby Names

Picking a name for your child can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby – ultimately it comes down to a name you love. Once you have your shortlist, you may want to consider these various aspects of a name before making the final decision.

  • Consider the significance of a name. Research the name’s meanings online to determine whether it suits your baby and your family. If you’re choosing a name purely based on the meaning, consider that many people probably won’t know or appreciate the meaning.
  • Is the name unique? You might want to choose from unique baby names to be a little different, but consider any unwanted attention this might bring on your child in the future. Consider mispronunciations if the spelling is unusual.
  • Test out the sound of a name. Sound the full name out with your surname a few times, and encourage people around you to do the same. Do you enjoy hearing it over and over again? Does it suit your surname?
  • Consider initials and nicknames. Do the initials spell out something funny or uncomfortable? Rather avoid these. If your chosen name poses the risk of an embarrassing nickname, rather reconsider.
  • Negotiate with your partner. This can be tough if you have very different preferences! Consider using both of your favourite names in a double barrel or by including a middle name. If that’s not possible, avoid your first choices and continue looking for a name you both agree on.

With these points in mind, start your research with this comprehensive list of baby names.