Fatherhood Tips for the Expectant Father

We are living in a new generation of fathers: One where dads are as hands on as moms. Although this is a good thing, it also means that for many dads, fatherhood is almost completely uncharted territory.

Here is a bit of advice for new dads to make the transition to fatherhood a little smoother:

  • Start bonding the moment baby arrives. It’s a myth that the newborn should only be attached to mom all the time. Take the chance as early as possible to do some direct skin-to-skin bonding.
  • Brush up on your baby knowledge. Some dads might think that since their partner gave birth, she must be the parenting expert – this is not true! Fathers should take the time before baby arrives to educate and prepare themselves for what is to come, from information about health care (for mom and baby) to how to deal with full nappies.
  • Speaking of nappies, dads need to do their fair share of nappy changes! Not only does this give mom a break, but it is also a great time of bonding with baby.
  • Take on some late night feeds. If your baby is breastfeeding, some expressed breastmilk in a bottle does the trick – and has the additional benefit of giving mom a few hours of blissful sleep.
  • Have a bit of me-time. New dads might find that working hard all day and being an enthusiastic father in the afternoons and evenings is exhausting. Yes, it is important to make sure that mom has space to breathe, but dads shouldn’t feel guilty for finding the odd occasion to switch off for a bit, too.
  • As your baby gets older, dads should do what dads do best: horseplay! Fathers are more likely to engage in physical activity with their kids, and this is very important for the child’s development.
  • Make a point of being a support to your partner. Dads need to remember that however emotional, exciting, scary and tiring the journey of parenthood is for them, it is even more so for the moms. Find ways of giving your partner a break, whether it’s just a chance to shower or even a whole night out.
  • Support your partner emotionally. Regularly tell your partner that she is doing a great job, that she is a great mom, and that you are so proud of her. The fact is that the best way to look after your little one is to look after their mom!