PURITY & Elizabeth Anne’s Insect Repellent Cream for babies

Available in 50ml.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s introduces an insect repellent for a baby that is safe, gentle yet effective.
Babies tend to get bitten more often than adults as they are easy prey and are not as aware of the insects in their surroundings. Babies also tend to be more sensitive to the bites than adults.
The new Insect Repellent is suitable for babies from 6+months and protects against mosquitos, flies, fleas & ticks. It is gentle, safe and DEET free. The formulation has been SABS tested and consultant Paediatrician and Dermatologist Approved.

Keep your baby (and the rest of the family) bite free this summer with Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Insect Repellent in a Cream or Spray format that is easy to apply, odourless and non-sticky.