Vaccination and Weigh in Calendar for your Toddler

As your little one grows into a toddler, and develops various skills, we understand a mom’s need to help your toddler be the best they can be. One way to do this is to make sure we take them for their regular weigh ins and vaccinations in order to keep their immune systems fighting fit, which could help them stay healthy and to develop in every aspect of their little lives.

Download your very own vaccination calendar by clicking on the ‘download’ link below to keep track of your toddler’s vaccination shots.

Download here

Purity® moms, the above vaccines are necessary for you little one to build up their immune systems against diseases. If your toddler misses one or more of these vaccinations, you need to ensure that they catch them up. Visit your local pediatrician / general practitioner or clinic for more info on how to catch up these vaccinations.