Baby Bath Basics
Baby Bath Basics

Baby Bath Basics


Baby bath time is a necessity to make sure your little one stays clean and healthy. It can also be the secret weapon to a peaceful night-time routine, and a great time to bond with your baby. Bathing your baby may seem rather daunting at first, but with this step-by-step guide, you’ll feel confident to take the plunge.


How often should I bath my little one?

The general agreement is that from 0-3 months there is no need to have a bath more than a few times a week. Additionally, clean their face and in between their skin folds frequently, and their genital area after every nappy change. After the age of 3 months, a daily bath is recommended, as they’re more active and messy.


Rules of the Tub

The first rule of thumb when it comes to baby bathing safety is never to leave your little one unattended in the tub. No, not even for a second!

Avoid putting your baby in the bath while it is still running. Running tap water can change temperature drastically, either giving your baby a chill or scalding them.

If using your normal bathtub for bathing, invest in a rubber bath mat to place inside to counteract the slipperiness. Either cover the tap in a protective covering or bath your little one at the other end of the bathtub, preferably with their back to the tap. Discourage your baby from touching the tap as they get a little older.

Once your little one is starting to learn to stand, be very firm in preventing them from standing in the bath.


Bathing your baby, step-by-step

  1. Be sure to lay out all the necessary supplies, so you don’t need to leave baby’s side at any point to fetch something. Make sure the room is warm enough to prevent your baby from getting a chill.
  2. Fill the baby tub, sink or bathtub with 3 inches of water that feels comfortably warm to the inside of your wrist (around 32 degrees Celsius).
  3. Before you introduce your baby to the water, wrap your baby in a towel, tucking away their arms. Holding them firmly between your elbow and hip, controlling their head with your hand, and sealing off their ears with your thumb and middle finger, gently rinse their hair with your cupped hand. Massage a small amount of Purity® & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Shampoo into your baby’s hair and rinse well. Dry your baby’s head with a corner of a clean towel.
  4. Soap your baby’s body all over, avoiding their hands in case they put them in their mouths. Rinse and dry your hands to pick up your baby to avoid letting them slip.
  5. With your left wrist under your baby’s head and left hand under around baby’s left shoulder, and your right hand under your baby’s bum, carefully place your baby in the water. Release your right hand to rinse your baby, continuing to support their head with your left hand.
  6. Turn your baby around on their tummies, with your hand supporting their chest above water, to rinse their back.
  7. With the same handling position as when you placed your baby in the water, lift your baby out carefully and lay onto a clean towel on a soft surface.
  8. Use a clean, dampened piece of cotton wool to clean their face and wash away any dried mucus from your baby’s eyes. Use a new piece of cotton wool for each eye, and clean them from the inside out.
  9. Wrap your baby in the towel and pat them dry, making sure they are completely dry in all the creases.
  10. Pat some Purity® & Elizabeth Anne’s Cornstarch Powder all over your baby’s body to absorb excess moisture and prevent chafing and nappy rash.

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