How Use Gripe Water Soothe Baby


Your new bundle of joy has already melted into your heart and now your life revolves around them. But as they grow up under your caring eyes, your baby will naturally go through some aches and pains. These can include gas pains and other stomach problems, teething pain, hiccups, and colic. However, any new parent need not panic as there is a trusted remedy.

What Is Gripe Water?

Gripe water is made from water, sodium bicarbonate and herbs such as aloe, chamomile, fennel, dill seed oil, ginger, lemon balm or peppermint. These ingredients can help to relieve your baby’s gas and stomach discomfort with ease, especially for babies suffering from colic. The dill seed oil is an ideal ingredient as it is believed to have anti-flatulent and antispasmodic properties, which relieve colic and flatulence.

What Makes Telament Gripe Water Different

Telament Paediatric Gripe Water can be used to assist in the treatment of gripe or stomach cramps in babies. The sodium bicarbonate aids in correcting baby’s increased stomach acidity that leads to gastric irritation, discomfort and pain. It is also formulated to be to give to your baby because it alcohol-free, sugar-free, Tartrazine free, and has no colourants or artificial flavours.

Is Gripe Water Safe For Babies?

Before you give your baby anything to relieve them, do check with your pediatrician if it is safe to do so and which brands are preferred. There are a variety of brands on the market to select from but be careful of the ingredients. Ingredients like alcohol and sucrose which can potentially harm your baby’s gums or emerging teeth. If natural or homeopathic remedies sway you, always beware of their ingredients as they might be untested and unsafe. Telament Paediatric Gripe Water is alcohol-free and sugar-free.

What Is The Right Telament Gripe Water Dosage?

Before you get ready to give your baby relief through Telament Paediatric Gripe Water, it is imperative to read the instructions carefully. For babies up to 12 months, a measurement of 5ml is enough, and it must not be administered more than three to four times a day. It is not recommended to use it on a baby that weighs less than 2.5kg. And don’t forget to shake the bottle before use.

How To Give Gripe Water To A Baby?

You may already be an old hand at administering medicine to your bundle of joy but it still helps to be sure. A medicinal stopper or syringe is ideal for baby as the gripe water will be delivered straight into their mouth. This is safe and clean as there is no chance of a spill when compared to using a tablespoon.

Are There Any Side Effects To Gripe Water?

Is gripe water safe for colicky babies? While for Telament gripe water side effects are written on package insert , however, it is also important to check for signs of allergic reaction. There are a variety of symptoms to look out for, including a change in breathing, hives, itching, swelling of the lips or tongue, and vomiting. If there is an allergic reaction, contact your pediatrician if there is no improvement in the condition after use.

Other Alternatives To Soothing Baby

Gripe water is not the only solution that can assist in relieving wind symptoms and stomach cramps in your little one. You can soothe the baby by gently applying pressure to their bellies and rubbing their bellies in a gentle circular motion can help work the wind out. Another method to help your baby is to consider swaddling them, and if that does not offer relief, do consider switching their formula brand to a gentler one or speak to your pediatrician. If you are breastfeeding, the mother might need to change their diet and remove food such as dairy, certain veggies and spicy food. These foods are known to lead to stomach issues and gas.

All parents want is a smiling baby, carefree and with no aches and pains. While these growing pains are par-for-the-course when it comes to babies, these times will pass. Relief of your baby’s symptoms will come by the time they are about 4 months. But until then, you can rely on Telament Paediatric Gripe Water for your baby’s wellbeing and get that cute giggling sound back.

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