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Disinfecting Solution

Your baby’s skin is delicate that’s why this PURITY product is clinically tested to ensure its mild and gentle. This Disinfecting solution is specially formulated to kill germs and is a highly effective & safe cleaning action.

  • Specially formulate to disinfect and kill up to 99.9% of germs
  • Chlorine & colourant free
  • Use for disinfecting bottle & teats, soothers, toys, surfaces (wood, metal, plastic ect.) and other objects which come into contact with baby.
  • Powerful enough to kill germs and remove milk stains
  • No irritations to skin, eyes or respiratory system
  • No taste for baby – thus does not need to be rinsed off
  • Consultant Dermatologist and Paediatrician approved
  • Available in 400ml & 800ml

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  • Disinfecting Solution

  • Disinfecting Solution


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Other Disinfecting Solution Categories

  • Disinfecting

    Ensure bottles, teats, teething rings and pacifiers remain germ-free 
    and disinfected with our specially formulated Disinfecting Solution.
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