Peadiatric Dietician – Kath Megaw

Kath Megaw holds four medical qualifications, including a Paediatrician Dietician qualification from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

She has been published in the Epilepsia journal on the use of the paediatricketogenic diet in third-world settings, and frequently speaks to groups of professionals and parents about infant and childhood nutrition.

Kath is the author of Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children (Quivertree Publications), and the co-author of Feeding Sense (Metz Press) and The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics (Quivertree Publications) and Weaning Sense (Quivertree Publications).She has been in private practice for more than 18 years and is the founder of Nutripaeds, a paediatric dietetic practice.

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