Baby Fabric Conditioner

Your baby’s skin is delicate, that’s why this PURITY product is clinically tested to ensure it’s mild and gentle. This Fabric Conditioner gently conditions and softens your baby’s laundry. Together with the trusted expertise of Elizabeth Anne’s, PURITY provides a range of quality products, to support you and your baby on the journey of a lifetime. 

  • Free from colourants. 
  • Cares and softens fabrics. 
  • Suitable for machine and hand wash.
  • Dermatology tested. 
  • Dermatologist & Paediatrician approved. 
Other Information
How to use:
Hand Wash: Add Fabric Conditioner to final rinse water after all detergents for usage are washed out. Machine Wash: Fabric Conditioner must be added to the final rinse cycle. 

Recommended Dosage for 4-5kg wash, Terry Towel and pure Cotton: 3 caps Poly / Cotton / Wool; 2 caps Hand Wash /   Synthetic 1.5 caps. 

Use the cap to measure. 1 cap = 35 ml. Overdosing can cause build-up in your machine.
Pack size:
Aqua, Cationic surfactant, Parfum Polymer, Methychloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Bronopol, Anti-Foaming agent.
Fabric Conditioner
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