Purity Laundry Time

Baby Laundry Wash

Your baby’s skin is delicate, that’s why this PURITY product is clinically tested to ensure it’s mild and gentle. This Laundry Wash is tough on stains yet kind to the skin. Formulated without chlorine or colourants, this laundry wash gently cleanses and softens your baby’s laundry.
Together with the trusted expertise of Elizabeth Anne’s, PURITY provides a range of quality products, to support you and your baby on the journey of a lifetime.

✓ Free from chlorine & colourants
✓ Suitable for machine wash and hand wash
✓ Cleans & softens fabrics
✓ Dermatologist & Paediatrician approved

Other Information
How to use:
Hand Wash: Use the dosages below in 5 litres of cold or lukewarm water. Squeeze the clothes gently without rubbing or twisting. Rinse well in water of the same temperature. Always test fabrics for colour fastness.

Machine Wash: Only wash garments which say, ‘Machine Washable’. Use temperature indicated on the Care Label. Always test garments for colour fastness. Use gentle or delicate programme. Follow the dosage given below.

Recommended Dosage:
Machine Wash (up to 3kg of laundry)
Hand Wash (5 litres of water)
Slightly dirty items 2 caps - 1 cap
Normal wash 2.5 caps - 2 caps
Very dirty items 3 caps - 2.5 caps
Use the cap to measure: 1 cap = 35 ml
Pack size:
5-10% Anionic Surfactant, Softener, Preservative.
Laundry Wash
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