Grip water

Telament Peadiatric Gripe Water

Telament Paediatric Gripe Water is specially formulated to relieve painful symptoms of wind and indigestion in babies. Gripe Water can be used to treat stomach cramps and colic. Alcohol Free, Sugar Free, Tartrazine Free, No Colourants or Artificial Flavourants; suitable for babies from birth

Other Information
Detailed Description:
Assists in the treatment of gripe or stomach cramps in babies. The sodium bicarbonate helps to correct increased stomach acidity that can cause gastric irritation, discomfort and pain. Dill oil terpeneless is believed to have antiflatulent and antispasmodic actions, which help relieve flatulence and colic in infants. Composition: (contains per 5 ml).
Pack size:
Sodium bicarbonate 50 mg. Dill oil terpeneless 2.15 mg. Preservatives: Nipasept 0.3% m/v. No alcohol, sugar, tartrazine or colourant. 150 ml.
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