Baby Bedtime Routine

Imagine a world where every night is a peaceful journey to dreamland for your little one, a world far removed from the chaos of sleepless nights and restless cries.

Recent statistics reveal a startling truth: nearly 1 in 3 babies experience sleep challenges, leaving parents yearning for a whisper of tranquility in the midnight air. Understandably, this nightly struggle is not just a phase but a pain point etching deep into the serene fabric of family life.

Why is a bedtime routine important for my baby?

Bedtime routines reinforce a baby’s natural circadian rhythm, helping teach them the difference between day and night. Later on, a baby bedtime routine helps little ones to slow down and prepare mentally for bedtime.

A regular bedtime ritual creates a sense of comfort that can be especially helpful during trying sleeping periods for you and your baby, such as when you're sleep training (which you can try between 4 and 6 months old). 

A consistent sleep routine helps:

  • Your baby fall asleep. A calming bedtime ritual that follows a predictable pattern every night gives your baby a heads-up that it's time to wind down and prepare for sleep, which in turn helps them to nod off.
  • Your baby stay asleep. Sleep regressions — where babies have a hard time falling or staying asleep — are normal throughout the first year and beyond. Having a bedtime routine in place offers comfort that can help your baby get through these phases.
  • Your baby learn. Sleep is important for their development too. Getting quality Zzzs helps your baby consolidate the many lessons they learned during the day to memory. 
  • You to relax. A bedtime routine is a wonderful way to bond with your little one at the end of a long day, and it just might make evenings more relaxing for you too.

The Best Bedtime Routine for Baby

Create the right atmosphere

Dim the lights, pull the shades down or close the curtains, turn off the TV and put away your phone to set a relaxing tone.

There is no one-size-fits-all bedtime routine that works for every baby. Try to be flexible and find what suits both you and your baby. Here's an example of a bedtime routine that works for many families:

  • A soothing bath. Warm water has sleep-inducing powers. Try incorporating a mild soap or lotion with lavender or chamomile into your baby’s bath time for extra relaxation. 

  • A feed with cuddles. A nightcap fills your baby's tank before the night ahead. If they have any teeth, brush them (and wipe their gums) when you’re done. And if your baby tends to fall asleep during feedings, push up this part of the routine  to before the bath.

  • Books. Settle down and read a favourite book in a quiet, calm voice.

  • Gentle infant massage. Research suggests that babies who get a rub-down before bedtime produce more of the hormone melatonin, which helps them sleep.

  • Lullabies. A soft song sets the stage for sleep. Save the tickle monster and other rougher games for earlier in the day.

  • White noise. The uterus is a pretty noisy place between your breathing and gurgling stomach — which is why many infants find white noise or soft music soothing at bedtime.

  • A few parting words. Say some comforting, predictable words to your baby before leaving the room, like "Goodnight, I love you," with a stroke on the cheek and a kiss on the head.
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