Questions to Ask Your Paediatrician During Check Ups

Here's a list of questions to ask your paediatrician during check ups.

  • Are my child's vaccines up to date? What vaccines does my child need at this visit?

  • When are my child's next vaccines due?

  • Should I pay attention to the negative information surrounding vaccines? What is your opinion on this?

  • How much should I feed? What's normal? Am I feeding too much/enough?

  • Is my child's growth appropriate for him or her?

  • Is my child's development appropriate for his or her age?

  • Is it okay if my child's milestones are not the same as those of my previous children, or the neighbour's children?

  • If I have a specific illness (such as asthma), is it something that I should worry about in my child?

  • What are warning signs that my child is sick?

  • Where do I go after hours if my child is sick or I am worried?

  • Is it advisable to give my child vitamins and or supplements?

  • Is it okay to feed my child pre-prepared baby foods?

  • When should I bring my child back for the next check up?
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