What to expect from your first trimester

So your bra feels too tight, you can’t stop yawning and you are longing for a spicy samoosa, topped with ice cream, if possible?

This is all normal for the first trimester of pregnancy, when tiredness, breast tenderness and unusual food cravings seem to be an everyday occurrence.

But now that your pregnancy is confirmed and the excitement of breaking the big news to friends and family has passed, let’s look at some of the changes you can expect in the first trimester.

I’m exhausted! What happens in the first month?

What’s happening to you:
Fluctuating hormones means you can swing from laughter to tears in a flash. Some women feel a little bloated and may need to urinate more frequently. You may feel nauseaous, especially in the morning, and be particularly sensitive to certain smells. The most common symptom of the first trimester is an overwhelming tiredness. You’re growing another human being! If you need to, lie down and take a nap whenever possible.
From the moment you are trying to conceive or know you are pregnant, avoid smoking, alcohol and medications, unless your pharmacist has confirmed they are safe to take.

What’s happening to baby:
Inside your uterus, the cells start grouping together to form the embryo (the baby), the umbilical cord and the placenta. The baby’s spine, brain and heart begin to develop.

The second month - How do I handle the constant nausea?

What’s happening to you:
Morning sickness usually takes centre stage now. Ways to ease this sickness include eating smaller meals frequently, having a ginger biscuit with your morning tea and staying hydrated by sipping water throughout the day. Eating healthily is more important than ever, as your developing baby needs the best nutrition possible.
Your breasts may be very tender as they prepare for breast feeding. Now is a good time to start moisturising your body with Purity® and Elizabeth Anne’s Mama Stretch Mark Cream with collagen and vitamin E to maintain your skin’s suppleness and help prevent stretch marks.

What’s happening to baby:
Your baby is only the size of a tadpole, but is already starting to form major organs—heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys—and the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems.

When will my bump show? What happens in the third month.

What’s happening to you:
This is the time when your bump may begin to show and you will need some looser clothes and bigger bras. You may still have nausea and some aches and pains as your ligaments stretch to accommodate your growing body. Expect to feel a range of emotions daily; it is an exciting time, but sometimes scary for a first-time mom. Speak to your partner, family and friends and draw strength from their love and support. Once you have an official bump, you can expect that even perfect strangers may smile, comment, and touch your tummy.

What’s happening to baby:
During these weeks, you will probably have your first ultrasound – the magical moment when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time! Although your little one is only about the size of a strawberry, their arms and legs are already forming.

There’s nothing quite as heart-warming as a little miracle in the making!

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