How Much and What Kind of Screen Time Should my Toddler Have?

Today's world is all about digital technology and screens. Mobile phones, computers and television are such an important part of our lives.

But for toddlers, screen time should ideally not be an important or a big part of their everyday lives.

That doesn't mean screens are evil or terrible for toddlers, but it's best only to use screens if you don't have other options. Try not to let your toddler watch a screen of any kind for more than half an hour a day. In that time, try to keep the content positive and constructive. That could involve special children's games, songs and children's music, age-appropriate stories, simple animal stories, arts, activities and crafts that are suitable for toddlers.

Toddlers who have emotional and behavioural problems often really want to sit in front of a screen because it helps them to feel less upset and troubled. If your toddler is feeling very frustrated or bad-tempered, you might choose to sit him in front of a screen (phone, computer or TV) so that he can calm down and you can have a break. However, try to do this as seldom (and for as short a time) as possible.

If you find it happening more than once a week, it's worth talking to a psychotherapist about your child's behaviour and emotions.
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