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Cottage Pie and Puréed Apple
Preparation 20min I Grill 5-10min
400 g extra lean mince
1 small red onion diced
2 medium tomatoes blanched and chopped
2 medium to large sweet potatoes
4 PURITY Mixed Veggies Jars (125 ml)
2 PURITY Apple Jars (125 ml)
1 tbsp butter
1 small egg, beaten
1 tsp mixed herbs
Pinch of coarse salt
Coconut oil for frying
Filling options:
    1) Fry the onion in coconut oil, add the mince and fry, using a wooden spoon. Add the tomato and PURITY Jars. Season with some mixed herbs and a pinch of coarse salt.
    2) In the meantime, peel, dice and steam the sweet potato. Once soft, mash with 
    some butter.
    3) Place the mince in a deep oven dish and place the sweet potato mash on top, and top with beaten egg.
    4) Place under the grill until golden brown on top.
    5) Serve with a tablespoon of apple purée on the side.

    A wholesome and filling meal for all!
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